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Fri Feb 5 19:14:44 UTC 2016

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> Steve,
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> >> I would vote for a quick fix + a blueprint.
> >> 
> >> BTW, I think it is a general consensus that we should move away from
> >>Atomic
> >> for various reasons (painful image building, lack of document, hard to
> >>use,
> >> etc.). We are working on fixing the CoreOS templates which could replace
> >> Atomic in the future.
> >> 
> >> Best regards,
> >> Hongbin
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> >Hi Hongbin,
> >
> >I had heard this previously in Tokyo and again when I was asking around
> >about the image support on IRC last week, is there a list of the exact
> >issues with image building etc. with regards to Atomic? When I was
> >following up on this it seemed like the main issue is that the docs in
> >the magnum repo are quite out of date (versus the upstream fedora atomic
> >docs) both with regards to the content of the image and the process used
> >to (re)build it - there didn't seem to be anything quantifiable that's
> >wrong with the current Atomic images but perhaps I was asking the wrong
> >folks. I was able to rebuild fairly trivially using the Fedora built
> >artefacts [1][2].
> Steve,
> I hope you can forgive my directness and lack of diplomacy in this
> message. :)
> At least when I was heavily involved with Magnum, building atomic images
> resulted in a situation in which the binaries built did not work properly.
>  I begged on the irc channels for help and begged on the mailing list for
> help for _ months _ on end and nobody listened.  It is almost as if nobody
> is actually working on Atomic.  If there are people, they do not maintain
> any kind of support footprint upstream to make Atomic a viable platform
> for Magnum.

Hi Steve,

No worries about directness, it's actually what I am trying to elicit so I can understand and hopefully help address the issues. I did come across a couple of mailing list posts from you mainly asking about newer k8s/etcd/flannel versions and also etcdctl inclusion (there was a workaround posted at the time but I note it's now in the image) [1][2]. These threads are actually what prompted me to ask "what else?" to try and determine if Magnum had other needs here, e.g. the rpm-ostree issue you refer to below is the type of hint I'm after to try and ensure everything is tracked somewhere.

> I taught Tango how to build the images, who wrote the instructions down in
> the Magnum documentation.  That documentation ends up producing images
> that randomly don't always work. The binaries return some weird system
> call error, ebadlink I think but not sure.  Tango may remember.

I was playing around with this earlier in the week and had some more success via a slightly different path, I'm in the process of attempting to re-produce on a clean system to ensure that (a) I didn't skip anything in the notes I took and (b) weed out any other setup that was peculiar to my system before I propose something against the docs.

> Perhaps the rpm-ostree defect has been resolved now.  I have to be clear
> that I was told "please wait 6 months for us to fix the build system and
> bugs" while Atomic was our only distro implemented.  It was very
> maddening.  I was so frustrated with Atomic, at the start of Mitaka I was
> going to propose deprecating Atomic because of a complete lack of upstream
> responsiveness.  I decided to let other folks make the call about what
> they wanted to do with Atomic since I was myself unresponsive with the
> Magnum upstream because of my full-time Kolla commitment.
> I am pretty sure a bug was filed about this issue in the Red Hat bugzilla,
> but I can't find it.

Thanks, the hint that it regarded rpm-ostree was enough for me to find this:


Does that seem like the right issue? That in turn led me to this bug which appears fixed in F21, but I need to follow up to work out what if anything happened w.r.t. the second half of Colin's comment in the above bug (or whether it is still relevant):


Somewhat tangentially I was also wondering if there are specific version combinations of components (be they images, or the versions of specific components they contain) that are currently recommended/preferred for a given release. Obviously there is the custom image that is currently provided but I am thinking more for folks trying to roll their own etc. I didn't spot anything while poking around in the docs as yet but I may be looking in the wrong places. What I am thinking of is something like this but for the Magnum context:




[1] https://lists.projectatomic.io/projectatomic-archives/atomic-devel/2015-April/msg00042.html
[2] https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/cloud/2015-January/004811.html

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