[openstack-dev] [Fuel][Plugins] question on the is_hotpluggable feature

Simon Pasquier spasquier at mirantis.com
Fri Feb 5 09:53:55 UTC 2016

I'm testing the ability to install Fuel plugins in a an environment that is
already deployed.
My starting environment is quite simple: 1 controller + 1 compute. After
the initial deployment, I've installed the 4 LMA plugins:
- LMA collector
- Elasticsearch-Kibana [*]
- InfluxDB-Grafana [*]
- Infrastructure Alerting [*]
[*] adds a new role
Of course, all plugins have "is_hotpluggable: true" in their metadata
My expectation is that I can add a new node with the new roles and that the
LMA collector tasks are executed for all 3 nodes. So I've added the new
node and click the "Deploy changes" button. My re-deployment runs fine but
I notice that the plugins aren't installed on the existing nodes (eg
/etc/fuel/plugins/...) so there is no way that the plugins tasks can be
executed on already deployed nodes... Is this a known limitation? Am I
missing something?
Best regards,
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