[openstack-dev] [grenade][keystone] Keystone multinode grenade

Grasza, Grzegorz grzegorz.grasza at intel.com
Thu Feb 4 15:25:02 UTC 2016

Hi Sean,
we are looking into testing online schema migrations in keystone.

The idea is to run grenade with multinode support, but it would be something different than the current implementation.

Currently, the two nodes which are started run with different roles, one is a controller the other is a compute.

Keystone is just one service, but we want to run a test, in which it is setup in HA - two services running at different versions, using the same DB.

They could be joined by running HAProxy in round-robin mode on one of the nodes. We could then run tempest against the HAProxy endpoint.

Can you help me with the implementation or give some pointers on where to make the change?

Specifically, do you think a new DEVSTACK_GATE_GRENADE or a new DEVSTACK_GATE_TOPOLOGY would be needed?

/ Greg

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