[openstack-dev] [Congress] Mid-cycle sprint debrief

Tim Hinrichs tim at styra.com
Tue Feb 2 17:23:28 UTC 2016

Hi all,

TL;DR.  We had a great midcycle sprint.  If you want to help us move
Congress toward its new distributed architecture, there are a list of items
you can help with below.

1. We had a productive mid-cycle sprint last week!  Here were the topics we

- Design discussions about implementing the distributed architecture using

- Discussion about integrating Monasca so that when people write policy
Congress can use Monasca alarms to push information to us.

- Discussion with Su Zhang about his experiences using Congress at Symantec.

- Code sprint aimed at migrating off of our current, in-process message bus
to oslo-messaging.

For details about the discussions, check out the etherpad...

2. Moving forward in the short-term, we are focusing on migrating from our
existing in-process message bus (DSE) to a small wrapper around
oslo-messaging (DSE2).

- As we migrate from DSE to DSE2, we're leaving the mainline code in place
and minimizing the changes so that it runs on both the old arch and the new
arch.  We use the flag 'distributed_architecture' to signal which version
we are running.

- Ideally the tests will all continue to function without modification in
both the old and new architectures.  But for those test files that don't
pass, we are copying them to congress/tests2 and modifying them there.

- We have disabled a few tests temporarily and marked them with TODO(dse2)
and an explanation as to why they are disabled so we can easily grep for
them later.

- tox -enew_arch will (soon) run all the tests in congress/tests2.

3. For those of you looking to help out, here are a few items you can sign
up for.

3.1. Work on porting congress/tests/test_congress.py to the new distributed
arch.  See congress/tests2/test_dse2.py for an example.  In fact, there may
be tests commented out in tests2/dse2/test_dse2.py that we should

3.2. Work on porting the remaining API models to the new arch.  See my
recent changesets for the basic idea.


3.3. Create a non-voting gate job for tox -enew_arch

3.4. Try out the scripts/start_process.py script to see how we would use it
for the new arch.  Eventually we'll want a non-voting job in the gate that
runs all the tempest tests on the new architecture.

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