[openstack-dev] [nova] do not account compute resource of instances in state SHELVED_OFFLOADED

Sascha Vogt sascha.vogt at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 14:11:58 UTC 2016


Am 31.01.2016 um 18:57 schrieb John Garbutt:
> We need to make sure we don't have configuration values that change
> the semantic of our API.
> Such things, at a minimum, need to be discoverable, but are best avoided.
I totally agree on that. I

>> I think an off-loaded / shelved resource should still count against the
>> quota being used (instance, allocated floating IPs, disk space etc) just
>> not the resources which are no longer consumed (CPU and RAM)
> OK, but that does mean unshelve can fail due to qutoa. Maybe thats OK?
For me that would be ok, just like a boot could fail. Even now I think
an unshelve can fail, because a new scheduling run is triggered and
depending on various things you could get a "no valid host" (e.g. we
have properties on Windows instances to only run them on a host with a
datacenter license. If that host is full (we only have one at the
moment), unshelve shouldn't work, should it?).

> The quota really should live with the project that owns the resource.
> i.e. nova has the "ephemeral" disk quota, but glance should have the
> glance quota.
Oh sure, I didn't mean to have that quota in Nova just to have them in
general "somewhere". When I first started playing around with OpenStack,
I was surprised that there are no quotas for images and ephemeral disks.

What is the general feeling about this? Should I ask on "operators" if
there is someone else who would like to have this added?


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