[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Wrapping up Newton

Armando M. armamig at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 01:16:53 UTC 2016

Hi Neutrinos,

Newton-3 is almost upon us. We are now in non-client requirement freeze,
and a week away from client requirement/feature freeze. This is the time
where we switch gear...for real:

   - Start focusing on testing and documentation, if you have not done so
   - Apply for FFE on postmortem [1];
   - For pending efforts that get a FFE granted, there's time until [3].
   - Ocata opens up as soon as RC1 is cut [4], therefore those that get
   denied will have to be pushed back until then.

When in doubt, reach out!


[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/360207/
[2] https://releases.openstack.org/newton/schedule.html
[3] Newton 3 milestone, Sept 1.
[4] Newton RC-1, 15 Sept.
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