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Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Wed Aug 10 21:01:37 UTC 2016

On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 2:24 AM, Doug Hellmann <doug at doughellmann.com>

> It's time to make sure we have all of our active technical contributors
> (ATCs) identified for Newton.
> Following the Foundation bylaws [1] and TC Charter [2], Project
> teams should identify contributors who have had a significant impact
> this cycle but who would not qualify for ATC status using the regular
> process because they have not submitted a patch.  Contributions
> might include, but aren't limited to, bug triage, design work, and
> documentation -- there is a lot of leeway in how teams define
> contribution for ATC status.
> The resulting list of names should be submitted as a patch to the
> "extra-atcs" section in openstack/governance/reference/projects.yaml
> for review by the TC.
> Although extra ATCs can be nominated at any point, there is a
> deadline to be included in the electorate for the next release
> cycle. The ATC list needs to be approved by the TC by 25 Aug, and
> in order to appear on the TC agenda to be discussed, the proposals
> need to be submitted by 16 Aug.
> PTLs can delegate preparing the patch to the governance repository, but
> please +1 the patch indicating that you agree with the list to avoid
> delays in the TC review.

I have a script to generate this that I wrote while Nova PTL. For example:

~/src/openstack/nova$ /home/mikal/src/mikalstill/hacks/tools/extra-atcs.py
--since=2016-04-01 --expires="September 2017" --program "Compute"
Compute: Sonu (sonu.sudhakaran at gmail.com) [September 2017]
Compute: Ahilan Rajadeva (rajadeva at us.ibm.com) [September 2017]
Compute: Qiaowei Ren (qiaowei.ren at intel.com) [September 2017]
Compute: Xiaowei Qian (xiaowei.qian at easystack.cn) [September 2017]
Compute: Alin Balutoiu (abalutoiu at cloudbasesolutions.com) [September 2017]
Compute: Eli Qiao (qiaoliyong at gmail.com) [September 2017]
Compute: Feodor Tersin (ftersin at hotmail.com) [September 2017]
Compute: Samuel Matzek (smatzek at us.ibm.com) [September 2017]
Compute: Raghuveer Shenoy (rshenoy at hp.com) [September 2017]
Compute: Bartosz Fic (bartosz.fic at intel.com) [September 2017]
Compute: Dmitry Guryanov (dguryanov at parallels.com) [September 2017]

Matt -- if that's useful feel free to base a governance review on it.


Rackspace Australia
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