[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Improving Swift deployments with TripleO

Christian Schwede cschwede at redhat.com
Tue Aug 2 19:36:45 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

I'd like to improve the Swift deployments done by TripleO. There are a
few problems today when deployed with the current defaults:

1. Adding new nodes (or replacing existing nodes) is not possible,
because the rings are built locally on each host and a new node doesn't
know about the "history" of the rings. Therefore rings might become
different on the nodes, and that results in an unusable state eventually.

2. The rings are only using a single device, and it seems that this is
just a directory and not a mountpoint with a real device. Therefore data
is stored on the root device - even if you have 100TB disk space in the
background. If not fixed manually your root device will run out of space

3. Even if a real disk is mounted in /srv/node, replacing a faulty disk
is much more troublesome. Normally you would simply unmount a disk, and
then replace the disk sometime later. But because mount_check is set to
False in the storage servers data will be written to the root device in
the meantime; and when you finally mount the disk again, you can't
simply cleanup.

4. In general, it's not possible to change cluster layout (using
different zones/regions/partition power/device weight, slowly adding new
devices to avoid 25% of the data will be moved immediately when adding
new nodes to a small cluster, ...). You could manually manage your
rings, but they will be overwritten finally when updating your overcloud.

5. Missing erasure coding support (or storage policies in general)

This sounds bad, however most of the current issues can be fixed using
customized templates and some tooling to create the rings in advance on
the undercloud node.

The information about all the devices can be collected from the
introspection data, and by using node placement the nodenames in the
rings are known in advance if the nodes are not yet powered on. This
ensures a consistent ring state, and an operator can modify the rings if
needed and to customize the cluster layout.

Using some customized templates we can already do the following:
- disable rinbguilding on the nodes
- create filesystems on the extra blockdevices
- copy ringfiles from the undercloud, using pre-built rings
- enable mount_check by default
- (define storage policies if needed)

I started working on a POC using tripleo-quickstart, some custom
templates and a small Python tool to build rings based on the
introspection data:


I'd like to get some feedback on the tool and templates.

- Does this make sense to you?
- How (and where) could we integrate this upstream?
- Templates might be included in tripleo-heat-templates?

IMO the most important change would be to avoid overwriting rings on the
overcloud. There is a good chance to mess up your cluster if the
template to disable ring building isn't used and you already have
working rings in place. Same for the mount_check option.

I'm curious about your thoughts!



Christian Schwede

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