[openstack-dev] [qa] Summary of design summit for Newton

Ken'ichi Ohmichi ken1ohmichi at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 13:02:25 UTC 2016

Hi QA-team,

Thanks for joining QA sessions on OpenStack Summit Austin.
They were interesting and good to get directions to move forward in
this development cycle.
This is a summary of these sessions for next steps and hope this helps
our works.

1. Tempest: Cleanup
  Main assignee / organizer: andreaf
  Action items:
  * Test resources as fixtures (jswarren, mtreinish, dwalleck)
  * Remote client debuggability (andreaf)
  * Test class hierarchy (dmellado)
  * Neutron OO wrappers (jlwhite, hockeynut)
  * Documentation review and cleanup (andreaf)
  * Test audit (Revital)
  * Cleanup client and manager aliases
  * Refactor test base class setup and teardown steps

2. Devstack
  Action items:
  * Neutron cleanup (sc68cal)
  * Add tempest config hook to devstack plugin interface (call it
test-config) (mtreinish)
  * Talk to remove heat from devstack (oomichi)

3. openstack-health
  Main assignee / organizer: mtreinish, masayukig
  Action items:
  * Elastic recheck integration
  * Figure out check data solution
  * Add a bug link to the page (- low-hanging-fruit)

4. Tempest: Remaining CLI work
  Main assignee / organizer: mtreinish
  Action items:
  * Run (dpaterson, dmellado)
    - spec
    - impl

5. Tempest: Negative Test
  Main assignee / organizer: oomichi
  Action items:
  * Doc update: Remove negative tests framework from Doc (luzC)
  * Write guideline of negative tests (hogepodge, dwalleck, and oomichi)
  * Will consider removing/keeping negative test framework after the guideline
    refstack doesn't use the framework.

6.Tempest: tempest-lib/plugin
  Main assignee / organizer: gmann
  Action items:
  * Remove client manager use from credential providers and move to
lib (andreaf)
  * Need to push reno on pip site: Talk with doughellmann
  * Extending plugin for CLI Tools(cleanup) - spec - (gmann)
  * Migrate pending interfaces to /lib
    create new etherpad and ML for volunteers (gmann)

7. Tempest: Client Manager Refactor
  Main assignee / organizer: andreaf

8. Tempest: Test resource management
  Main assignee / organizer: oomichi, jswarren?

9. Tempest: Microversion tests
  Main assignee / organizer: gmann
  Action items:
  * compute microversion tests - gmann (Low priority)

NOTE: Helpful ways to join into QA-team for new volunteers
  * Join into #openstack-qa
  * Triage bugs on LP

If having questions, please send mails to me or "Main assignee / organizer".
Thanks for your help.

Ken Omichi

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