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Wed Apr 20 07:55:55 UTC 2016

Dear all

We would like to propose the creation of a new working group to deal with the massively distributed cloud use-case (aka., the Fog/Edge Computing paradigm). 
The major difference w-r-t existing WGs such as the Large-Scale deployment one, is that we would like to address challenges related to the geo-distribution of resources and WANwide exchanges (one single cloud/cell but deployed across multiple small sites).  Concretely, we want to study how the vanilla OpenStack code can support this use-case while minimising the changes on the OpenStack internals.

Preliminary works on such an approach have been ongoing since 2014 in the context of the French Discovery Initiative (a joint work between Inria and Orange Labs): http://beyondtheclouds.github.io 
A presentation of our action as well as preliminary results will be given next Monday during the summit: https://www.openstack.org/summit/austin-2016/summit-schedule/events/7342
Finally, we opened an etherpad where you can find more information about the Massively Distributed working group proposal: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/massively-distributed-clouds

As a starting point, we propose to have a first face-to-face meeting in Austin where we can finalise the scope of the WG and define a roadmap and first objectives.  
The session will be on Tuesday from 4:40-6:10pm  in the Hilton, Level 6, Salon J. 

In addition to informal discussions, we should have up to three 15 min presentations regarding on-going works related to such a use-case. Chaoyi Hang (Huawei, on the tricircle project) and Craig A. Lee (Aero, on the KeyVOMS proposal) already confirmed their talk.
We are waiting for a last invitation regarding the Dragonflow project. 

Last but not the least, if you have ideas regarding how we can make this meeting as fruitful as possible or if you would like to discuss particular points during this session, please go to the etherpad  to tell us who you are and help shape the agenda for the session. 
We look forward to meeting with you in Austin.

Mathieu and Adrien 
Beyonds the clouds, the Discovery initiative

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