[openstack-dev] [nova][glance] Proposal to remove `nova image-*` commands from novaclient

Matt Riedemann mriedem at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Tue Apr 5 19:46:24 UTC 2016

As we discuss the glance v2 spec for nova, questions are coming up 
around what to do about the nova images API which is a proxy for glance v1.

I don't want to add glance v2 support to the nova API since that's just 
more proxy gorp.

I don't think we can just make the nova images API fail if we're using 
glance v2 in the backend, but we'll need some translation later for:


But we definitely want people to stop using the nova images API.

I think we can start by deprecating the nova images-* commands in 
python-novaclient, and probably the python API bindings in novaclient too.

People should be using python-glanceclient or python-openstackclient for 
the CLI, and python-glanceclient or some SDK for the python API bindings.

We recently removed the deprecated nova volume-* stuff from novaclient, 
this would be the same idea.

Does anyone have an issue with this?



Matt Riedemann

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