[openstack-dev] [bandit] [glance] [openstack-ansible] [searchlight] Resigning from core reviewers teams

Ian Cordasco ian.cordasco at RACKSPACE.COM
Mon Oct 26 17:20:48 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

        Today I'm removing myself from the core reviewer (and driver)
teams for the 
        following projects:

        - Bandit (bandit-core and transitively security-specs-core)
        - Glance (glance-core and glance-specs-core)
        - OpenStack Ansible (openstack-ansible-core)
        - Searchlight (searchlight-core)

        Recent events both in my position at Rackspace and my personal
life mean I no 
        longer have sufficient time to properly act as a core reviewer for
        projects. My personal life has suffered from attempts to continue
to uphold my 
        responsibilities to OpenStack and the other open source projects I
        maintain, and direct. Changing responsibilities in my current role
in the last 
        8-10 months mean that I don't have sufficient time during the
normal 0900-1700 
        period to accurately and thoroughly conduct reviews. I'm confident
this is 
        only a temporary hiatus and that sometime next year, I will be
able to fully 
        rejoin the OpenStack community.

        If you have questions, concerns or serious objections, I'd be
happy to answer
        them off the mailing list.


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