[openstack-dev] [magnum][kolla] Stepping down as a Magnum core reviewer

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Mon Oct 26 00:17:49 UTC 2015

Hey folks,

It is with sadness that I find myself under the situation to have to write this message.  I have the privilege of being involved in two of the most successful and growing projects (Magnum, Kolla) in OpenStack.  I chose getting involved in two major initiatives on purpose, to see if I could do the job; to see if  I could deliver two major initiatives at the same time.  I also wanted it to be a length of time that was significant - 1+ year.  I found indeed I was able to deliver both Magnum and Kolla, however, the impact on my personal life has not been ideal.

The Magnum engineering team is truly a world class example of how an Open Source project should be constructed and organized.  I hope some young academic writes a case study on it some day but until then, my gratitude to the Magnum core reviewer team is warranted by the level of  their sheer commitment.

I am officially focusing all of my energy on Kolla going forward.  The Kolla core team elected me as PTL (or more accurately didn't elect anyone else;) and I really want to be effective for them, especially in what I feel is Kolla's most critical phase of growth.

I will continue to fight  for engineering resources for Magnum internally in Cisco.  Some of these have born fruit already including the Heat resources, the Horizon plugin, and of course the Networking plugin system.  I will also continue to support Magnum from a resources POV where I can do so (like the fedora image storage for example).  What I won't be doing is reviewing Magnum code (serving as a gate), or likely making much technical contribution to Magnum in the future.  On the plus side I've replaced myself with many many more engineers from Cisco who should be much more productive combined then I could have been alone ;)

Just to be clear, I am not abandoning Magnum because I dislike the people or the technology.  I think the people are fantastic! And the technology - well I helped design the entire architecture!  I am letting Magnum grow up without me as I have other children that need more direct attention.  I think this viewpoint shows trust in the core reviewer team, but feel free to make your own judgements ;)

Finally I want to thank Perry Myers for influencing me to excel at multiple disciplines at once.  Without Perry as a role model, Magnum may have never happened (or would certainly be much different then it is today). Being a solid hybrid engineer has a long ramp up time and is really difficult, but also very rewarding.  The community has Perry to blame for that ;)

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