[openstack-dev] [infra] Upgrade to Gerrit 2.11

Zaro zaro0508 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 00:08:29 UTC 2015

Hello All,

The openstack-infra team would like to upgrade from our Gerrit 2.8 to
Gerrit 2.11.  We are proposing to do the upgrade shortly after the
Mitaka summit.  The main motivation behind the upgrade is to allow us
to take advantage of some of the new REST api, ssh commands, and
stream events features.  Also we wanted to stay closer to upstream so
it will be easier to pick up more recent features and fixes.

We want to let everyone know that there is a big UI change in Gerrit
2.11.  The change screen (CS), which is the main view for a patchset,
has been completely replaced with a new change screen (CS2).  While
Gerrit 2.8 contains both old CS and CS2, I believe everyone in
Openstack land is really just using the old CS.  CS2 really wasn't
ready in 2.8 and really should never be used in that version.  The CS2
has come a long way since then and many other big projects have moved
to using Gerrit 2.11 so it's not a concern any longer.  If you would
like a preview of Gerrit 2.11 and maybe help us test it, head over to
http://review-dev.openstack.org.  If you are very opposed to CS2 then
you may like Gertty (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/gertty) instead.  If
neither option works for you then maybe you can help us create a new
alternative :)

We are soliciting feedback so please let us know what you think.

Thanks You.

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