[openstack-dev] [release] using reno for libraries

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Fri Nov 27 15:21:36 UTC 2015


We're making good progress on adding reno to service projects as
we head to the Mitaka-1 milestone. Thank you!

We also need to add reno to all of the other deliverables with
changes that might affect deployers. That means clients and other
libraries, SDKs, etc. with configuration options or where releases
can change deployment behavior in some way. Now that most teams
have been through this conversion once, it should be easy to replicate
for the other repositories in a similar way.

Libraries have 2 audiences for release notes: developers consuming
the library and deployers pushing out new versions of the libraries.
To separate the notes for the two audiences, and avoid doing manually
something that we have been doing automatically, we can use reno
just for deployer release notes (changes in support for options,
drivers, etc.). That means the library repositories that need reno
should have it configured just like for the service projects, with
the separate jobs and a publishing location different from their
existing developer documentation. The developer docs can continue
to include notes for the developer audience.

After we start using reno for libraries, the release announcement
email tool will be updated to use those same notes to build the
message in addition to looking at the git change log. This will be
a big step toward unifying the release process for services and
libraries, and will allow us to make progress on completing the
automation work we have planned for this cycle.

It's not necessary to add reno to the liberty branch for library
projects, since we tend to backport far fewer changes to libraries.
If you maintain a library that does see a lot of backports, by all
means go ahead and add reno, but it's not a requirement. If you do
set up multiple branches, make sure you have one page that uses the
release-notes directive without specifing a branch, as in the
oslo.config example, to build notes for the "current" branch to get
releases from master and to serve as a test for rendering notes
added to stable branches.


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