[openstack-dev] [Ironic][Neutron] Testing of Ironic/Neutron integration on devstack

Vasyl Saienko vsaienko at mirantis.com
Wed Nov 25 15:27:56 UTC 2015

Hello Community,

As you know Ironic/Neutron integration is planned in Mitaka. And at the
moment we don't have any CI that will test it. Unfortunately we can't test
Ironic/Neutron integration on HW as we don't have it.
So probably the best way is to develop ML2 driver that will work with OVS.

At the moment we have a PoC [1] of ML2 driver that works with Cisco and OVS
on linux.
Also we have some patches to devstack that allows to try Ironic/Neutron
integration on VM and real HW. And quick guide how to test it locally [0]


I'm interested in Neutron/Ironic integration. It would be great if we have
it in Mitaka.
I'm asking Community to check [0] and [1] and share your thoughts.

 Also I would like to request a repo on openstack.org for [1]

[1] https://github.com/jumpojoy/generic_switch

Vasyl Saienko
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