[openstack-dev] [Glance] [all] Liberty summit: Updates in Glance

Nikhil Komawar nik.komawar at gmail.com
Fri May 22 21:28:27 UTC 2015

Hi all,

tl;dr; Artifacts IS staying in Glance.

 1. We had a nice discussion at the contributors' meet-up at the
    Vancouver summit this morning. After weighing in many possibilities
    and evolution of the Glance program, we have decided to go ahead
    with the Artifacts implementation within Glance program under the
 2. The effort would primarily be conducted as a sub-team-like structure
    within the program and the co-coordinators and drivers of the
    necessary Artifacts features would be given core-reviewer status
    temporarily with an informal agreement to merge code that is only
    related to Artifacts.
 3. The entire Glance team would give reviews as time and priorities
    permit. The approval (+A/+WorkFlow) of any code within the program
    would need to come from core-reviewers who are not temporarily
    authorized. The list of such individuals and updated time-line would
    be documented in phases during the course of Liberty cycle.
 4. We will continue to evaluate & update the governance, maturity of
    the code and future plans for the v1, v2 and v3 Glance APIs as time
    progresses. However, for now we are aiming to integrate all of
    Glance (specifically Images) as Artifacts in the v3 API.

Special thanks to Flavio for providing DefCore and TC perspective as 
well as initializing this discussion. Also, thanks to Stuart McLaren and 
Brian Rosmaita for giving us thoughtful veteran feedback. The entire 
team did a great job at putting all their questions and concerns 
amicably on the table and came to a good understanding of the plan and 
level of commitment.

All the best to the Project SearchLight team who have decided to start 
ElasticSearch based development for search functionality in OpenStack as 
a separate program and would be porting respective code out of Glance. 
Glance team would help co-ordinate this porting effort in order to avoid 
destabilizing Images and MetaDefs code-bases.

This also means we will re-evaluate some of the existing spec proposals 
and most likely not ask people for radical changes in their approach. 
This first phase of the Liberty cycle would focus on seeing the 
Experimental Artifacts API through. We will also focus on stability 
aspects of the Images (v1 & v2) related features. The second phase 
priorities would be decided at the mid-cycle meet-up (details to come 
out soon).

Feel free to ask me questions on IRC or via email.


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