[openstack-dev] [puppet] Proposal to configure Oslo libraries

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Thu May 7 20:19:08 UTC 2015


I think one of the biggest challenges working on Puppet OpenStack
modules is to keep code consistency across all our modules (~20).
If you've read the code, you'll see there is some differences between
RabbitMQ configuration/parameters in some modules and this is because we
did not have the right tools to make it properly.
A lot of the duplicated code we have comes from Oslo libraries

Now, I come up with an idea and two proposals.


We could have some defined types to configure oslo sections in OpenStack
configuration files.

Something like:
define oslo::messaging::rabbitmq(
) {
  ensure_resource($name, 'oslo_messaging_rabbit/rabbit_userid', {'value'
=> $user})

Usage in puppet-nova:
  user     => 'nova',
  password => 'secrete',

And patch all our modules to consume these defines and finally have
consistency at the way we configure Oslo projects (messaging, logging, etc).


#1 Creating puppet-oslo
... and having oslo::messaging::rabbitmq, oslo::messaging::qpid, ...,
oslo::logging, etc.
This module will be used only to configure actual Oslo libraries when we
deploy OpenStack. To me, this solution is really consistent with how
OpenStack works today and is scalable as soon we contribute Oslo
configuration changes in this module.

#2 Using puppet-openstacklib
... and having openstacklib::oslo::messaging::(...)
A good thing is our modules already use openstacklib.
But openstacklib does not configure OpenStack now, it creates some
common defines & classes that are consumed in other modules.

I personally prefer #1 because:
* it's consistent with OpenStack.
* I don't want openstacklib the repo where we put everything common. We
have to differentiate *common-in-OpenStack* and *common-in-our-modules*.
I think openstacklib should continue to be used for common things in our
modules, like providers, wrappers, database management, etc. But to
configure common OpenStack bits (aka Oslo©), we might want to create

As usual, any thoughts are welcome,

Emilien Macchi

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