[openstack-dev] [puppet] PTL Candidacy

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Tue Mar 31 16:12:39 UTC 2015


As we want to move under the big tent, we decided in the last Puppet
OpenStack meeting that we need a PTL for the next Cycle.
I would like to announce my candidacy.


I joined eNovance in 2012 and mainly worked in OpenStack deployments
before I started working on OpenStack automation in 2013 for internal
needs. Since the beginning, all my Puppet work has been upstream
(Puppetlabs or Stackforge) and I strongly believe our community modules
are the way to go for a production-ready OpenStack environment. My
general knowledge in OpenStack and my background in deployments allow me
to understand all components from high level so I can see how to deploy
them with Puppet.
Today, I'm leading Puppet OpenStack work at Red Hat and my team and I
are working and focusing on upstream modules. Our involvement in Puppet
OpenStack is because we are developing an open-source product which
deploys OpenStack by using our modules, so each feature we need, is in
Stackforge modules that can be leverage by the rest of the community.
I'm also highly involved in Puppet integration for TripleO which is a
great new opportunity to test different use-cases of deployments.

Work in Puppet OpenStack

* For more than one year, I've been a top contributor to the Puppet
OpenStack modules:
* I started puppet-ironic, puppet-heat, puppet-ceilometer (with Francois
Charlier), puppet-tuskar, puppet-trove (with Sebastien Badia),
puppet-gnocchi, puppet-tripleo modules.
* I participate at meetings, help people on the mailing-list, contribute
to discussions about our community, and regularly am a speaker at
meetups and summits.

Plans for Liberty

* CI
I would like to continue the work done by nibalizer to have acceptance
tests in our modules. I'm very interested in using TripleO jobs to gate
our modules, I think it's a good use case, and everything is already in

* Reviews
Some patches would require some specific reviews, from OpenStack
developers and operators. We'll find a way to document or automate the
way we review these patches.
I truly think our modules work because of the invaluable feedback we
from both operators and also from OpenStack developers.

* Release management
As we move under the big tent, I would like to start following OpenStack
release processes and emphasize bug triage.
We will do our best to keep our launchpad updated so we can improve the
way to we work together as a community.

* Community
I would like to ensure we organize regular meetings (IRC/video) with our
community to provide support and to make bug triage as a team. We also
will take care of welcoming newcomers and try to help them if they want
to contribute.

* My expectation of core-team
As members of the core team, or those wanting to be, it's my hope that
we: participate at our meetings, make good reviews, discuss on the
mailing list regarding important topics, and help in fixing bugs.

* Big tent
This is a first for all of us, and I'll do my best to have Puppet
OpenStack project involved in OpenStack's Big Tent. I accept this
challenge and I strongly believe that, as a team, we can make it
and succeed *without breaking our way to work together*.

* Code
Regarding our modules, we will continue our daily work on
bugs/features/tests patches, but we should also continue the work on
openstacklib to ensure everything is consistent across our modules.

* Meetups/Summit
As usual, we will ensure to have design sessions and an area where we
can discuss together about Puppet OpenStack. I'll do my best to acquire
all the resources we would need to effectively plan the upcoming cycle.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Best regards,
Emilien Macchi

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