[openstack-dev] 6.1 Soft Code Freeze moved to April 7th

Eugene Bogdanov ebogdanov at mirantis.com
Mon Mar 30 17:50:22 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

have 500+ medium priority bugs assigned to 6.1 release. Obviously we 
won't be able to make a big difference within the next 24 hours, so 
let's move the Soft Code Freeze date (last date when medium bug fixes 
are accepted) [1] to April 7th. This will give us some time to apply 
important bug fixes and complete triaging as appropriate. The shift is 
only about Soft Code Freeze (no changes for Hard Code Freeze / GA 
dates). I have updated the release schedule [2] accordingly.

Thank you.

[1] Soft Code Freeze definition: 
[2] Release schedule: 


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