[openstack-dev] [Sahara] Question about Sahara API v2

michael mccune msm at redhat.com
Mon Mar 30 13:55:10 UTC 2015

On 03/30/2015 07:02 AM, Sergey Lukjanov wrote:
> My personal opinion for API 2.0 - we should discuss design of all object
> and endpoint, review how they are used from Horizon or
> python-saharaclient and improve them as much as possible. For example,
> it includes:
> * get rid of tons of extra optional fields
> * rename Job -> Job Template, Job Execution -> Job
> * better support for Horizon needs
> * hrefs
> If you have any ideas ideas about 2.0 - please write them up, there is a
> 99% chance that we'll discuss an API 2.0 a lot on Vancouver summit.


i've started a pad that we can use to collect ideas for the discussion: 

things that i'd like to see from the v2 discussion

* a full endpoint review, some of the endpoints might need to be 
deprecated or adjusted slightly (for example, job-binary-internals)

* a technology review, should we consider Pecan or stay with Flask?

* proposals for more radical changes to the api; use of micro-versions 
akin to nova's plan, migrating the project id into the headers, possible 
use of swagger to aid in auto-generation of api definitions.

i think we will have a good amount to discuss and i will be migrating 
some of my local notes into the pad over this week and the next. i 
invite everyone to add their thoughts to the pad for ideas.


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