[openstack-dev] Is yaml-devel still needed for Devstack

Adam Young ayoung at redhat.com
Fri Mar 27 13:01:12 UTC 2015

I recently got Devstack to run on RHEL.  In doing so, I had to hack 
around the dependency on yaml-devel (I just removed it from devstack's 
required packages)

There is no yaml-devel in EPEL or the main repos for RHEL7.1/Centos7.

Any idea what the right approach is to this moving forward?  Is this 
something that is going to bite us in RDO packaging?

The dependency is a general one: 

So I don't know what actually needs it.  I find it interesting that 
Fedora does not seem to have it, either, but  I've had no problem 
running devstack on Fedora 21.  Can we remove this dependency, or at 
least move it closer to where it is needed?

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