[openstack-dev] [Heat][qa][tempest] Decoupling Heat integration tests from Heat tree

Steve Baker sbaker at redhat.com
Thu Mar 26 20:25:50 UTC 2015

On 27/03/15 03:38, Pavlo Shchelokovskyy wrote:
> Hi all,
> following IRC discussion here is a summary of what I propose can be 
> done in this regard, in the order of increased decoupling:
> 1) make a separate requirements.txt for integration tests and modify 
> the tox job to use it. The code of these tests is pretty much 
> decoupled already, not using any modules from the main heat tree. The 
> actual dependencies are mostly api clients and test framework. Making 
> this happen should decrease the time needed to setup the tox env and 
> thus speed up the test run somewhat.
Lets at least do this
> 2) provide separate distutils' setup.py/setup.cfg 
> <http://setup.py/setup.cfg> to ease packaging and installing this test 
> suit to run it against an already deployed cloud (especially scenario 
> tests seem to be valuable in this regard).
> 3) move the integration tests to a separate repo and use it as git 
> submodule in the main tree. The main reasons not to do it as far as 
> I've collected are not being able to provide code change and test in 
> the same (or dependent) commits, and lesser reviewers' attention to a 
> separate repo.
> What do you think about it? Please share your comments.
Before we choose an approach here I'd like to wait for some common 
(tempest-lib based?) solution to emerge. Since tests are dis-aggregating 
out of tempest into project trees then ideally users will need a 
convenient way of pulling in all the tests they want to run on their cloud.
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