[openstack-dev] [Fuel] Version bump in the beginning of a release cycle

Roman Prykhodchenko me at romcheg.me
Thu Mar 26 09:45:08 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

This end of the release cycle I realized that due to different reasons bumping a version of Fuel’s components takes much more than just updating a set of text files. In fact it causes different kinds of cross-component problems which of course must be fixed.

This email is not about fixing them but about the way of detecting them earlier and not delaying any component in the end of release cycles. The idea is not mine, I borrowed it from one of our folks asked that in a private channel. I decided to tell that in a public place like this mailing list is.

The idea is to bump version in Fuel’s components not in the end of a release cycle, but in it’s early beginning, i.e., when a stable branch has been made. What are your thoughts on that?

- romcheg
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