[openstack-dev] [Neutron] [ML2] using binding:tun_ip instead of agent_ip for l2pop to support agentless backend

henry hly henry4hly at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 06:21:14 UTC 2015

Hi ML2er,

Today we use agent_ip in L2pop to store endpoints for ports on a
tunnel type network, such as vxlan or gre. However this has some

1) It can only work with backends with agents;
2) Only one fixed ip is supported per-each agent;
3) Difficult to interact with other backend and world outside of Openstack.

L2pop is already widely accepted and deployed in host based overlay,
however because it use agent_ip to populate tunnel endpoint, it's very
hard to co-exist and inter-operating with other vxlan backend,
especially agentless MD.

A small change is suggested that the tunnel endpoint should not be the
attribute of *agent*, but be the attribute of *port*, so if we store
it in something like *binding:tun_ip*, it is much easier for different
backend to co-exists. Existing ovs agent and bridge need a small
patch, to put the local agent_ip into the port context binding fields
when doing port_up rpc.

Several extra benefits may also be obtained by this way:

1) we can easily and naturally create *external vxlan/gre port* which
is not attached by an Nova booted VM, with the binding:tun_ip set when
2) we can develop some *proxy agent* which manage a bunch of remote
external backend, without restriction of its agent_ip.

Best Regards,

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