[openstack-dev] Cinder Third-Party CI: what next? (was Re: [cinder] Request exemption for removal of NetApp FC drivers (no voting CI))

Mike Perez thingee at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 22:30:17 UTC 2015

On 21:51 Mon 23 Mar     , Rochelle Grober wrote:
> I’d like to suggest that the myriad wiki pages and spreadsheets for Third
> Party CI also be consolidated to a more manageable count.  Just looking for
> maintainers contact, you can find information (often conflicting) in
> Stackalytics, on the ThirdPartyDrivers page, on the Cinder PTL’s google doc
> and who knows where else for the Neutron maintainers.  Even finding which
> tests to run takes linking through a number of Cinder wiki pages.
> The teams have done a great job documenting a process that started out as
> lore, but I think the beginning of L would be a great time to revisit and
> reorganize the documentation for clarity, conciseness and single locations
> (version controlled) of critical information.

More than happy to update my doc. My doc was purely for me to expose
a non-editable doc of what I was seeing since I made myself the point of
contact for Cinder CI's. My spreadsheet came before the thirdparty CI
maintainer wiki page had any useful information on it. I got the contacts from
the git logs of the people who actually worked on the drivers. I also was
dealing with cases where a vendor hired an outside company to do their driver,
which made things difficult for contact.

The one wiki page people should pay attention to is the Cinder Third Party wiki
page which now has a link to the status page: 


Mike Perez

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