[openstack-dev] [Openstack-operators] [Neutron] Deprecating the use_namespaces option - Now's the time to speak up!

Miguel Ángel Ajo majopela at redhat.com
Mon Mar 23 07:42:13 UTC 2015

On Monday, 23 de March de 2015 at 8:20, Van Leeuwen, Robert wrote:

> > > >> Are the setups out there *not* using the use_namespaces option? I'm
> > > >> curious as
> > > >> to why, and if it would be difficult to migrate such a setup to use
> > > >> namespaces.
> At my previous employer we did not use namespaces.  
> This was due to a installation a few years ago on SL6 which did not have name space support at that time.
> I think there are valid reasons to not use namespaces:  
> Fewer moving parts == less can potentialy fail
> Troubleshooting is easier due to less places to look / need no familiarity with namespaces & tools
> If I remember correctly setting up a namespace can get really slow when you have a lot of them on a single machine
> If you have a requirement for having all networks to be routable disabling namespaces does make sense.
> Since I’m currently in the design phase for such an install I’d surely like to know if it is going to be deprecated.  
> Thx for letting us know about this :)

Hi Van, thanks for pointing those out

IMHO, those shouldn’t be valid reasons anymore, since they were due iproute, or sudo issues
that have been corrected long ago, and all distros installing neutron are supporting netns at this
point AFAIK.

Best regards,
Miguel Angel Ajo
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