[openstack-dev] [oslo.config][kolla] modular backends for oslo.cfg

Chmouel Boudjnah chmouel at chmouel.com
Thu Mar 19 12:31:14 UTC 2015


While on a long oversea flight with Sebastien Han we were talking how he
had implemented ceph-docker with central configuration over etcd. We
quickly came up to the conclusion that if we wanted to have that in Kolla
it would be neat if it was done straight from oslo.config so that would
quickly override the default keys in a central point.

There is multiple advantage to use that method not just for containers but
as well to avoid issues when orchestrating an openstack deployment.

I have heard arguments that this should be the job of an
ansible/puppet/chef tool and while I completely agree I just don't think it
has to write to files the tool would just write to the etcd database.

I have quickly came up with a quick and dirty POC on oslo.cfg here :


and the demo :


What others thinks about it ?

I believe if we wanted to do that we would have to add a stevesdor based
modular backend support directly to oslo.cfg first and have an etcd backend


PS: I am using etcd here cause it's easy and fancy but this could be any
backends like a DB/NoSQL/Swift or whatever if we wanted
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