[openstack-dev] [OSSG] Announcement: I'll be transitioning away from OpenStack

Bryan D. Payne bdpayne at acm.org
Mon Mar 16 21:52:34 UTC 2015

I have recently accepted a new position with a company that does not work
with OpenStack.  As a result, I'll be transitioning away from this
community.  As such, I wanted to offer a few quick notes:

* OpenStack Security Guide -- I have transitioned leadership of this
security documentation effort to Nathaniel Dillon.

* #openstack-security IRC channel -- Travis McPeak now also has OP
privilege in the channel.

Beyond that, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone.  The OpenStack
community has been great to work with over the past several years and I
wish you all the best in the time ahead!

I have about one more week working with OpenStack full time.  After that, I
am still planning on coming to the summit in May, and would be happy to
help with any final transition pieces at that time.  And I'll continue
being available at this email address well into the future.

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