[openstack-dev] Fwd: [Neutron] IDSaaS: Request for features

Mario Tejedor González m.tejedor-gonzalez at mycit.ie
Thu Mar 12 12:33:01 UTC 2015

I am copying this email from the openstack general list as I have not got
any responses from there yet. If any of you has a user profile besides
being a developer I would be very interested in your opinion.

Hello, I am a MSc student. I am developing an IDSaaS openstack-plugin for
my project and I would appreciate your opinions on the following:

1.  Do you agree that an IDAaaS plugin would be useful and, if so, what do
you see as the primary benefits to Cloud tenants? I will focus on 1, maybe
2, separate IDS software during my project, but the plugin should be as
software agnostic so drivers for other software can be developed afterwards.

2.  What IDS software would you recommend for this purpose? Specifically I
need to ensure that the plugin accommodates important core features so if
there are vital features please let me know.

3.  What features would you consider to be an important priority when
developing an IDSaaS plugin on openstack?

If you could spare 5 minutes (just five I promise), I have a few more very
short questions in the following survey link:


These survey questions allow you to suggest features you might like to have
in the plugin (Think of it like a request list!). The benefit of this is
that I will prioritize these features for development.

Thank you very much for your time and interest.

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