[openstack-dev] [Solum] Should app names be unique?

Devdatta Kulkarni devdatta.kulkarni at RACKSPACE.COM
Wed Mar 11 19:48:28 UTC 2015

Hi Solum team,

In yesterday's team meeting the question of whether Solum should enforce unique app name constraint

within a tenant came up.

As a recollection, in Solum one can create an 'app' using:

solum app create --plan-file <plan-file> --name <app-name>

Currently Solum does support creating multiple apps with the same name.

However, in yesterday's meeting we were debating/discussing whether this should be the case.

The meeting log is available here:


To set the context for discussion, consider the following:

- heroku does not allow creating another app with the same name as that of an already existing app

- github does not allow creating another repository with the same name as that of an already existing repo

Thinking about why this might be in case for heroku, one aspect that comes to mind is the setting of a 'remote' using
the app name. When we do a 'git push', it happens to this remote.
When we don't specify a remote in 'git push' command, git defaults to using the 'origin' remote.
Even if multiple remotes with the same name were to be possible, when using an implicit command such as 'git push',
in which some of the input comes from the context, the system will not be able to disambiguate which remote to use.
So requiring unique names ensures that there is no ambiguity when using such implicit commands.
This might also be the reason why on github we cannot create repository with an already existing name.

But this is just a guess for why unique names might be required. I could be totally off.

I think Solum's use case is similar.

Agreed that Solum currently does not host application repositories and so there is no question of
Solum generated remotes. But by allowing non-unique app names
it might be difficult to support this feature in the future.

As an aside, I checked what position other Openstack services take on this issue.
1) Heat enforces unique stack-name constraint.
2) Nova does not enforce this constraint.

So it is clear that within Openstack there is no consistency on this issue.

What should Solum do?


Best regards,


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