[openstack-dev] [stacktach] [oslo] stachtach -> kombu -> pika ??

Sandy Walsh sandy.walsh at RACKSPACE.COM
Tue Mar 10 18:36:15 UTC 2015

Hey J,

Our (old) notification consumer was using carrot, which is dead but worked. Lately though there have been conflicts with carrot and msgpack, so we had to change. Around the same time, we ran into a bug where we were writing to an unnamed exchange (completely valid, but too easy to do under kombu). During that debug process we ended up chatting with the rabbitmq core devs and they strongly recommended we use Pika instead of Kombu. We're going to follow that advice. 

We're going to be adding support for consuming from and writing to Kafka as well and will likely use a kafka-specific library for that too.  

You can ignore my hastily-written comment about oslo-messaging considering it. It's probably not important for your use-cases. 

Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.


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Subject: [openstack-dev] [stacktach] [oslo] stachtach -> kombu -> pika ??

Hi all,

I saw the following on
https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/PHL-ops-rabbit-queue and was wondering
if there was more explanation of why?

The StackTach team is switching from Kombu to Pika (at the
recommendation of core rabbitmq devs). Hopefully oslo-messaging will do
the same.

I'm wondering why/what?

Pika seems to be less supported, has less support for things other than
rabbitmq, and seems less developed (it lacks python 3.3 support apparently).

What's the details on this idea listed there?

Any stachtack folks got any more details?


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