[openstack-dev] removal of v3 in tree testing

GHANSHYAM MANN ghanshyammann at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 05:49:29 UTC 2015

Hi Sean,

That is very nice idea to keep only 1 set of tests and run those twice via

Actually my main goal was-
- 1. Create clean sample file structure for V2. V2.1 and micro-versions
   Something like below-
             v2.0/     - v2 sample files
             v2.1/    - v2.1 sample files
             v2.2/    - v2.2 sample files
             and so on

- 2.  Merge sample files between v2 and v2.1.

But your idea is much better which almost covers mine (except dir structure
for microversion which can/should be work after that).

As there are many extensions merged/split from v2 -> v2.1, we need to twist
tests to work for both v2 and v2.1.
For exmple, v2 flavor-swap, flavor-disable, flavor-extraData has been
merged to single flavor plugin in v2.1.

So running v2.1 flavor tests for v2 needs above extensions to be enabled in
that tests. It looks something like -

Thanks & Regards
Ghanshyam Mann

On Fri, Mar 6, 2015 at 7:00 AM, Sean Dague <sean at dague.net> wrote:
On 03/04/2015 07:48 PM, GHANSHYAM MANN wrote:
> Hi Sean,
> Yes having V3 directory/file names is very confusing now.
> But current v3 sample tests cases tests v2.1 plugins. As /v3 url is
> redirected to v21 plugins, v3 sample tests make call through v3 url and
> test v2.1 plugins.
> I think we can start cleaning up the *v3* from everywhere and change it
> to v2.1 or much appropriate name.
> To cleanup the same from sample files, I was planning to rearrange
> sample files structure. Please check if that direction looks good (still
> need to release patch for directory restructure)

I had another chat with Alex this morning on IRC. I think my confusion
is that I don't feel like I understand how we get down to 1 set of API
samples in the tree based on that set of posted patches.

It seems like there should only be 1 set of samples in docs/ and one set
of templates. I would also argue that we should only have 1 set of tests
(though that I'm mid term flexible on).

It seems that if our concern is that both the v2 and v21 endpoints need
to have the same results, we could change the functional tox target to
run twice, once with v2 and once with v21 set as the v2 endpoint.
Eventually we'll be able to drop v2 on v2.

Anyway, in order to both assist my own work unwinding the test tree, and
to help review your work there, can you lay out your vision for cleaning
this up with all the steps involved? Hopefully that will cut down the
confusion and make all this work move faster.


Sean Dague

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