[openstack-dev] [OpenStackClient] Weekly meeting time change

Dean Troyer dtroyer at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 18:18:15 UTC 2015

Per the results from the Doodle set up by dhellmann [0] we are moving the
scheduled OpenStackClient team meeting back to 1900 UTC starting tomorrow,
05 Mar 2014, still in freenode #openstack-meeting.

The agenda for the meeting can be found at
Anyone is welcome to add things to the agenda, please indicate your IRC
handle and if you are unable to attend the meeting sending
background/summary to me or someone who will attend is appreciated.

A timezone helper is at

04:00 JST
05:30 ACDT
20:00 CET
14:00 EST
13:00 CST
11:00 PST


[0] http://doodle.com/4uy5w2ehn8y2eayh


Dean Troyer
dtroyer at gmail.com
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