[openstack-dev] [Glance] Core nominations.

Kuvaja, Erno kuvaja at hp.com
Wed Mar 4 14:16:52 UTC 2015

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> If it was not clear in my previous message, I would like to again emphasize that I truly appreciate the vigor and intent behind Flavio's proposal. We need to be proactive and keep making the community better in such regards.
> However, at the same time we need to act fairly, with patience and have a friendly strategy for doing the same (thus maintaining a good balance in our progress). I should probably respond to another thread on ML mentioning my opinion that the community's success depends on "trust" and "empathy" and everyone's intent as well as effort in maintaining these principles. Without them, it will not take very long to make the situation chaotic.


> Hence, I think coming with a good plan during the feature freeze period including when and how are we going to implement it, when would be a final draft of cores to be rotated be published, etc. questions would be answered with _patience_ and input from other cores. We would have a plan in K so, that WOULD be a step forward as discussed in the beginning and be implemented in L, ensuring out empathetic stand.  

> The essence of the matter is:
> We need to change the dynamics slowly and with patience for maintaining a good balance.

Based on the above I must vote -- for adding 4 new cores without doing the housekeeping. To maintain good balance one needs to achieve that first and I do not see how the proposal is slow and patient towards that goal.

- Erno

> Best,
> -Nikhil

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