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On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 12:51 AM, Luis Pabon <lpabon at redhat.com> wrote:

> What is the status on virtfs?  I am not sure if it is being maintained.
> Does anyone know?

The last i knew its not maintained.
Also for what its worth, p9 won't work for windows guest (unless there is a
p9 driver for windows ?) if that is part of your usecase/scenario ?

Last but not the least, p9/virtfs would expose a p9 mount , not a ceph
mount to VMs, which means if there are cephfs specific mount options they
may not work

> - Luis
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> Am 27.02.2015 um 01:04 schrieb Sage Weil:
> > [sorry for ceph-devel double-post, forgot to include
> > openstack-dev]
> >
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > The online Ceph Developer Summit is next week[1] and among other
> > things we'll be talking about how to support CephFS in Manila.  At
> > a high level, there are basically two paths:
> We discussed the CephFS Manila topic also on the last Manila Midcycle
> Meetup (Kilo) [1][2]
> > 2) Native CephFS driver
> >
> > As I currently understand it,
> >
> > - The driver will set up CephFS auth credentials so that the guest
> > VM can mount CephFS directly - The guest VM will need access to the
> > Ceph network.  That makes this mainly interesting for private
> > clouds and trusted environments. - The guest is responsible for
> > running 'mount -t ceph ...'. - I'm not sure how we provide the auth
> > credential to the user/guest...
> The auth credentials need to be handled currently by a application
> orchestration solution I guess. I see currently no solution on the
> Manila layer level atm.

There were some discussion in the past in Manila community on guest auto
but i guess nothing was conclusive there.

Appln orchestration can be achived by having tenant specific VM images with
pre-loaded or have the creds injected via cloud-init too should work ?

> If Ceph would provide OpenStack Keystone authentication for
> rados/cephfs instead of CephX, it could be handled via app orch easily.
> > This would perform better than an NFS gateway, but there are
> > several gaps on the security side that make this unusable currently
> > in an untrusted environment:
> >
> > - The CephFS MDS auth credentials currently are _very_ basic.  As
> > in, binary: can this host mount or it cannot.  We have the auth cap
> > string parsing in place to restrict to a subdirectory (e.g., this
> > tenant can only mount /tenants/foo), but the MDS does not enforce
> > this yet.  [medium project to add that]
> >
> > - The same credential could be used directly via librados to access
> > the data pool directly, regardless of what the MDS has to say about
> > the namespace.  There are two ways around this:
> >
> > 1- Give each tenant a separate rados pool.  This works today.
> > You'd set a directory policy that puts all files created in that
> > subdirectory in that tenant's pool, then only let the client access
> > those rados pools.
> >
> > 1a- We currently lack an MDS auth capability that restricts which
> > clients get to change that policy.  [small project]
> >
> > 2- Extend the MDS file layouts to use the rados namespaces so that
> >  users can be separated within the same rados pool.  [Medium
> > project]
> >
> > 3- Something fancy with MDS-generated capabilities specifying which
> >  rados objects clients get to read.  This probably falls in the
> > category of research, although there are some papers we've seen
> > that look promising. [big project]
> >
> > Anyway, this leads to a few questions:
> >
> > - Who is interested in using Manila to attach CephFS to guest VMs?

I didn't get this question... Goal of manila is to provision shared FS to
so everyone interested in using CephFS would be interested to attach (
'guess you meant mount?)
CephFS to VMs, no ?

> > - What use cases are you interested? - How important is security in
> > your environment?

NFS-Ganesha based service VM approach (for network isolation) in Manila is
 under works, afaik.

> As you know we (Deutsche Telekom) are may interested to provide shared
> filesystems via CephFS to VMs instead of e.g. via NFS. We can
> provide/discuss use cases at CDS.
> For us security is very critical, as the performance is too. The first
> solution via ganesha is not what we prefer (to use CephFS via p9 and
> NFS would not perform that well I guess). The second solution, to use
> CephFS directly to the VM would be a bad solution from the security
> point of view since we can't expose the Ceph public network directly
> to the VMs to prevent all the security issues we discussed already.

Is there any place the security issues are captured for the case where VMs
CephFS directly ? I was curious to understand. IIUC Neutron provides
private and public
networks and for VMs to access external CephFS network, the tenant private
network needs
to be bridged/routed to the external provider network and there are ways
neturon achives it.

Are you saying that this approach of neutron is insecure ?


> We discussed during the Midcycle a third option:
> Mount CephFS directly on the host system and provide the filesystem to
> the VMs via p9/virtfs. This need nova integration (I will work on a
> POC patch for this) to setup libvirt config correctly for virtfs. This
> solve the security issue and the auth key distribution for the VMs,
> but it may introduces performance issues due to virtfs usage. We have
> to check what the specific performance impact will be. Currently this
> is the preferred solution for our use cases.
> What's still missing in this solution is user/tenant/subtree
> separation as in the 2th option. But this is needed anyway for CephFS
> in general.
> Danny
> [1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/manila-kilo-midcycle-meetup
> [2] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/manila-meetup-winter-2015
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