[openstack-dev] auto-abandon changesets considered harmful (was Re: [stable][all] Revisiting the 6 month release cycle [metrics])

Stefano Maffulli stefano at openstack.org
Mon Mar 2 23:41:06 UTC 2015

On Mon, 2015-03-02 at 13:35 -0800, Clay Gerrard wrote:
> I think Tom's suggested "help us help you" is a great pre-abandon
> warning.  In swift as often as not the last message ended with
> something like "you can catch me on freenode in #openstack-swift if
> you have any questions"  
Good, this thread is starting to converge.
> But I really can't fathom what's the harm in closing abandoned patches
> as abandoned?

Jim Blair gave a lot of good reasons for not abandoning *automatically*
and instead leave the decision to abandon to humans only. 

His message is worth reading again:


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