[openstack-dev] auto-abandon changesets considered harmful (was Re: [stable][all] Revisiting the 6 month release cycle [metrics])

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Mon Mar 2 19:52:05 UTC 2015

Doug Wiegley <dougwig at parksidesoftware.com> writes:

> A default query that edited out old, jenkins failing, and -2 stuff
> would be helpful.  A default or easy query that highlighted things
> relevant to the current milestone's blueprints and bugs would be SUPER
> useful to guiding folks towards the most useful reviews to be doing
> for a given project.

Great, this is the kind of information I'm looking for.  Please tell me
what page or query you specifically use to find reviews, and let's work
to make sure it shows you the right information.


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