[openstack-dev] auto-abandon changesets considered harmful (was Re: [stable][all] Revisiting the 6 month release cycle [metrics])

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Mon Mar 2 18:44:16 UTC 2015

Duncan Thomas <duncan.thomas at gmail.com> writes:

> Why do you say auto-abandon is the wrong tool? I've no problem with the 1
> week warning if somebody wants to implement it - I can see the value. A
> change-set that has been ignored for X weeks is pretty much the dictionary
> definition of abandoned, and restoring it is one mouse click. Maybe put
> something more verbose in the auto-abandon message than we have been,
> encouraging those who feel it shouldn't have been marked abandoned to
> restore it (and respond quicker in future) but other than that we seem to
> be using the right tool to my eyes

Why do you feel the need to abandon changes submitted by other people?

Is it because you have a list of changes to review, and they persist on
that list?  If so, let's work on making a better list for you.  We have
the tools.  What query/page/list/etc are you looking at where you see
changes that you don't want to see?


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