[openstack-dev] [Fuel] A new wiki page is created for Fuel Plugins

Irina Povolotskaya ipovolotskaya at mirantis.com
Mon Mar 2 08:17:30 UTC 2015

Hi to everyone,

I'd like to inform you that a new wiki page was created for Fuel Plugins -

Beginning with 6.0 release, Fuel supports Pluggable Architecture; that
means, you can download and install plugins for Fuel or even develop your

The wiki page covers not only user-side instructions on installation and
usage, but also FAQ.

As I've already mentioned, it also has information for developers who'd
like to create their own plugin for Fuel (like what is Fuel Plugin Builder,
what UI elements are added for the plugin, what files are generated by FPB

Note, that the page also contains some tutorials (soon there'll be even
more, so stay tuned).

Please, feel free to read, review or ask questions - you are always welcome!
If you write into openstack-dev mailing list, do not forget to
use [fuel][plugin] prefix.


Best regards,

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