[openstack-dev] [Tempest]No way to skip S3 related tests

Jordan Pittier jordan.pittier at scality.com
Fri Jul 31 10:47:55 UTC 2015

With the commit [1] "minimize the default services" that happened in April,
nova-objectstore is not run by default. Which means that by default,
Devstack doesn"t provide any S3 compatible API (because swift3 is not
enabled by default, of course).

Now, I don't see any config flag or mechanism in Tempest to skip S3 related
tests. So, out of the box, we can't have a full green Tempest run.

Note that there is a Tempest config flag "compute_feature_enabled.ec2_api".
And there's also a mechanism implemented in 2012 by afazekas (see [2]) that
tried to skip S3 tests if an HTTP connection to  'boto.s3_url' failed with
a NetwordError, but that mechanism doesn"t work anymore: the tests are not
properly skipped.

I'd like your opinion on the correct way to fix stuff:
1) Either introduce a object_storage_feature_enabled.s3_api flag in Tempest
and skip S3 tests if the value is "False". This requires an additionnal
patch to devstack to properly set the value of
object_storage_feature_enabled.s3_api flag

2) Or, try to fix the mechanism in tempest/thirdparty/boto/test.py that
auto-magically skips the S3 tests on NetworkError.

What do you think ?


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