[openstack-dev] [nova][cinder] Would anyone from Nova Core be able to join the Cinder mid-cycle meetup?

Matt Riedemann mriedem at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu Jul 30 14:18:22 UTC 2015

On 7/30/2015 12:31 AM, Anita Kuno wrote:
> On 07/29/2015 10:59 PM, John Garbutt wrote:
>> On 24 July 2015 at 22:49, Jay S. Bryant <jsbryant at electronicjungle.net> wrote:
>>> All,
>>> I had the opportunity to chat with John Garbutt when he was here in
>>> Rochester for the Nova mid-cycle meet-up.  We discussed the fact that there
>>> was much to be gained by improving the communication between the Cinder and
>>> Nova teams.
>> We do have names written down for CrossProjectLiaisons for other projects.
>> That is helping a little, but I am sure we can refine the idea so its
>> more effective:
>> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons#Inter-project_Liaisons
>> The basic ideas would be to get folks who are in the Nova meeting
>> regularly to jump into the Cinder meeting when required, and someone
>> else to do the reverse.
> What I am finding is that some folks are reluctant to come forward as
> Liasons initially, despite their possible interest. Some reasons for
> hesitation might include uncertainty of what responsibilities are
> understood with the role, uncertainty if there actually is time in the
> individual's schedule to attend meetings and be available for questions,
> clarification and follow up, that sort of thing.
> I am finding good success by encouraging someone who might consider
> trying on a cross project hat to do something along those lines: attend
> a meeting, follow up on an email, engage in a conversation with someone
> in another project on a specific issue and see how it feels. If it
> doesn't feel like a good fit, fair enough, thanks for trying it out. If
> you can help with one thing (example: cells with nova and neutron)
> great, you don't have to take on everything with the two projects, just
> focus on one issue and that is most welcome, thank you. (Thanks to
> mlavelle for volunteering with the cells cross project work here.)
> If you have done a few things, shown up for meetings for two projects,
> followed a particular spec, helped both projects become better informed
> about how the issue affects those projects, wonderful. Then if you feel
> like added your name to the wikipage, great, that helps others. But
> please don't feel that signing up has to be the first step, for some
> they experience the work for a while before they agree to it publicly,
> what ever works for you.
> Thanks Jay, John, and Paul, glad to see this conversation progress,
> Anita.
>> For specific patches that really important to cinder, it would be good
>> to advertise them in the usual place for nova:
>> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/liberty-nova-priorities-tracking
>>> With that idea in mind, it was suggested that the Cinder team open an
>>> invitation to Nova members to attend our mid-cycle meet-up.  The mid-cycle
>>> meet-up, of course, is not a secret.  A member of the Nova team has always
>>> been welcome to join, just hoping that an explicit invitation here may spark
>>> some interest.  :-)  Note:  John considered attending but is unable to do
>>> so.
>> So looks like Paul might be there.
>> I can try and join a hangout, if there is something urgent.
>> That approach has big limitations, but happy to try (ideally AM, given
>> I am in the UK).
>>> The mid-cycle meet-up for Cinder is 8/4 through 8/7 at the HP site in Fort
>>> Collins, CO .  Friday is an optional code sprint day for those who are able
>>> to stay that long.  Details about the meet-up can be seen on our mid-cycle
>>> meetup planning etherpad [1].
>>> If you are able to join us and help us work through the various challenges
>>> we are having between Cinder and Nova it would be greatly appreciated!
>> +1
>> Thanks,
>> John
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If we want a name for nova liaison to cinder, then I can put my name in, 
I've spent enough time in the cinder channel lately and have been 
reviewing more volume-related code in nova where I'm not *completely* 
lost, just *kind of* lost.

I would have been interested in attending the cinder meetup to represent 
nova except for that the email came out less than a week ago and the 
meetup is next week, which leaves little time to prepare for that kind 
of thing when you have family stuff to sort out for travel.



Matt Riedemann

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