[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Moving instack upstream

Steven Hardy shardy at redhat.com
Wed Jul 22 11:54:19 UTC 2015

On Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 08:29:49PM +0100, Derek Higgins wrote:
> Hi All,
>    Something we discussed at the summit was to switch the focus of tripleo's
> deployment method to deploy using instack using images built with
> tripleo-puppet-elements. Up to now all the instack work has been done
> downstream of tripleo as part of rdo. Having parts of our deployment story
> outside of upstream gives us problems mainly because it becomes very
> difficult to CI what we expect deployers to use while we're developing the
> upstream parts.
> Essentially what I'm talking about here is pulling instack-undercloud
> upstream along with a few of its dependency projects (instack,
> tripleo-common, tuskar-ui-extras etc..) into tripleo and using them in our
> CI in place of devtest.
> Getting our CI working with instack is close to working but has taken longer
> then I expected because of various complications and distractions but I hope
> to have something over the next few days that we can use to replace devtest
> in CI, in a lot of ways this will start out by taking a step backwards but
> we should finish up in a better place where we will be developing (and
> running CI on) what we expect deployers to use.
> Once I have something that works I think it makes sense to drop the jobs
> undercloud-precise-nonha and overcloud-precise-nonha, while switching
> overcloud-f21-nonha to use instack, this has a few effects that need to be
> called out
> 1. We will no longer be running CI on (and as a result not supporting) most
> of the the bash based elements
> 2. We will no longer be running CI on (and as a result not supporting)
> ubuntu

+1, it's been quite inconvenient having to constantly update the image
based templates when nobody is really using/maintaining them anymore AFAIK,
this should provide the opportunity to have a purge of deprecated stuff
from t-h-t and simplify things considerably.

> Should anybody come along in the future interested in either of these things
> (and prepared to put the time in) we can pick them back up again. In fact
> the move to puppet element based images should mean we can more easily add
> in extra distros in the future.

+1, it should actually make it easier to e.g integrate stuff like support
for containers, because we won't have to trip over the unmaintained
templates every time any role template's interfaces change.

> 3. While we find our feet we should remove all tripleo-ci jobs from non
> tripleo projects, once we're confident with it we can explore adding our
> jobs back into other projects again

I hope we can make this very temporary - e.g I find the tripleo feedback on
the heat project helpful, particularly when merging a potentially risky
change, and as we know TripleO has proven an extremely good "kitchen sink"
integration test for many projects ;)


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