[openstack-dev] [fuel][plugin] Plugin depends on another plugin

Daniel Depaoli daniel.depaoli at create-net.org
Tue Jul 21 08:30:13 UTC 2015

Hi all! I'm writing a fuel plugin that depends on another plugin, in
particular one plugin install node-js and the other plugin install a
software that uses nodejs.
What i did is to add a condition in environment_config.yaml:
*    restrictions:*
*        - condition: "settings:fuel-plugin-node-js.metadata.enabled ==
*    action: "disable"*
*    message: "Node JS must be present and enabled"*
This work if fuel-plugin-node-js is present, but doesn't work otherwise.
So I tried with:
*- condition: "settings:fuel-plugin-node-js
and settings:fuel-plugin-node-js.metadata.enabled == false"*
but with the same result: it works only if the first plugin is present.

Can you help me?

Daniel Depaoli
CREATE-NET Research Center
Smart Infrastructures Area
Junior Research Engineer
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