[openstack-dev] [CI] How to set a proxy for zuul.

Tang Chen tangchen at cn.fujitsu.com
Tue Jul 21 07:22:50 UTC 2015

Hi Asselin, Abhishek,

I got some problems when I was trying to write a jenkins job.

I found that when zuul received the notification from gerrit, jenkins 
didn't run the test.

I added something to noop-check-communication in 
/etc/jenkins_jobs/config/ examples.yaml,
just touched a file under /tmp.

- job-template:
     name: 'noop-check-communication'
     node: '{node}'

       - shell: |
           #!/bin/bash -xe
           touch /tmp/noop-check-communication # I added something here.
           echo "Hello world, this is the {vendor} Testing System"
       - link-logs  # In macros.yaml from os-ext-testing

And I flushed the jobs, using jenkins-jobs --flush-cache update 
I can build the job in jenkins web UI, and the file was touched.

But when I send a patch, the file was not touched. But CI really works.
I can see it on the web site. ( https://review.openstack.org/#/c/203941/)

How do you think of this ?

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