[openstack-dev] [nova]Proposal for function to manage the resources available to each tenant

Kenji Ishii ken-ishii at sx.jp.nec.com
Fri Jul 17 08:42:47 UTC 2015


Please give me opinion in terms to be a valuable function for OpenStack Community.
We believe that we need a mechanism to easily manage the resources available to the each tenant.
In some case, we want to allow only the specific tenant to use the specific resources.

We think the two architectures of the following.

a. New concept called vDC
  vDC is "virtual DC". 
  It means collection of several logical resources : Availavility Zone(AZ).
  If we use it, we can control the resources to each tenant.

  For example,
    ___vDC_1____    ___vDC_2____
     |            |   |            |
     |  AZ1, AZ2  |   |  AZ3       |
     |____________|   |____________|

     tenant "tenant_001" assigned "vDC_1"
     tenant "tenant_002" assigned "vDC_2"

  tenant_001 can use AZ1 and AZ2, AZ3 is unavailable.
  tenant_002 can use AZ3 , AZ1 and AZ2 is unavailable.

b. use region
  It will manage the relation between the Region and the tenant.
  The tenant can use only the resources in region that be allowed it to use.

  By the way, this proposal is several problems - Cost of system construction is higher than proposal "a"  etc

each proposal's detail is following.

Kenji Ishii

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