[openstack-dev] [fuel] librarian-puppet integration, need help with build tasks for fuel-library

Alex Schultz aschultz at mirantis.com
Thu Jul 16 20:17:56 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

I have committed the initial configuration required to start leveraging
librarian-puppet as part of the way we pull in upstream puppet modules[0].
Additionally, I have also committed a change that would pull in the
openstack-ironic module[1].  The one piece that is missing from this being
a complete solution is the ability to run librarian-puppet as part of our
build process for the fuel-library.  I've looked into the fuel-main build
scripts and I think it's over my head to figure this out just by looking.
Can anyone explain to me or assist me in how I could go about modifying the
existing build system to be able to run librarian-puppet to prepare the
source for the package?  In my initial investigation, it looks like it
would be a modification of the fuel-main/packages/module.mk[3] file.  I
basically need to do the prepare_library[3] function from the 202763
review[0] after we've pulled all the sources together to fetch the upstream


[0] https://review.openstack.org/202763
[1] https://review.openstack.org/202767
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