[openstack-dev] [os-ansible-deployment] [openstack-ansible] Using commit flags appropriately

Ian Cordasco ian.cordasco at RACKSPACE.COM
Thu Jul 16 15:12:13 UTC 2015

Hey everyone,

Now that the project is starting to grow and has some amount of
documentation. We should really start using flags in our commits more
appropriately, e.g., "UpgradeImpact", "DocImpact", etc.

For example, my own recent change to upgrade our keystone module to use v3
should have also had an "UpgradeImpact" flag but only had a DocImpact flag.

This will help consumers of openstack-ansible in the future and it will
help us if/when we start writing release notes for openstack-ansible.

sigmavirus24 (irc.freenode.net)

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