[openstack-dev] [Fuel][Fuel-Packaging][Fuel-CI][Fuel-Infra] How to Deal with CI Failures Induced by Libraries Requirements Drift

Oleg Gelbukh ogelbukh at mirantis.com
Mon Jul 13 08:58:21 UTC 2015

Some comments inline.

On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 9:24 AM, Bartlomiej Piotrowski <
bpiotrowski at mirantis.com> wrote:

> Freezing every moving part is complete overkill and puts a heavy burden on
> devops
> team as well as infra itself. The fix couldn't be more simple: just put
> upper
> bounds in requirements.
> > 1) if there is a new conflicting version, you need to set this
> upper-bound, thus you need to modify bits which get released
> It should be done as part of hard code freeze.

As I understand, in this cases it is not code dependencies that cause
misfunction, but dependencies of tests. This can be fixed by pinning
test-requirements. We can do this any time, as it does not affect users.

> > 2) you are actually testing your code by linking it with libraries which
> are different from those that users are really using when running your code
> Packages dependencies should reflect these set in requirements.
> > 3) even if you specify an upper bound (or even fix the version) for this
> particular library, you may still fetch its newer dependency implicitly (by
> traversing indirect dependencies) with which you will be linking your
> libraries and which will actually be different from the code that you (and
> your users) use
> This can be actually said about anything, including base system Fuel is
> running. We simply do not support such setups.

That's why we should run CI and nightly builds on stable branches. It
catches exactly this type of issues.

> > 4) you may also break production installation if you fix some library
> version as it may not exist in the code bundle which gets delivered to your
> users as a set of package
> See 2.

Again, if something in code deps breaks our stable branch, we must learn it
as soon as possible and fix it there. However, in this case it ist the test
requirements failure, and it should pinned in 'test-requirements.txt' or in
requirements of our test suits.

Best regards,
Oleg Gelbukh

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