[openstack-dev] [Cinder]Restrict volume creation based on type

Gorka Eguileor geguileo at redhat.com
Mon Jul 13 07:46:51 UTC 2015

On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 07:56:36AM +0300, Eduard Matei wrote:
> Hi,
> Forgot to mention, indeed we configured extra_specs: volume_backend_name.
> The problem is that a volume of this type can get scheduled on a node where
> c-vol is not configured with this backend.
> F.e.: I have 3 storage nodes (c-vol) and two have the driver configured,
> the third one doesn't have it; when i try to create a volume of this type,
> sometimes the c-vol on third node gets the call, and it fails because the
> driver is not configured.
> Maybe we didn't configure something properly, i tried looking at c-sch but
> i can't figure out why the third node got chosen.
> Thanks,
> Eduard

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You wouldn't happen to have the same hostname on all those 3 nodes,

I mean, if all your storage nodes are running with something like
localhost.localdomain, then the Scheduler (or the API node for that
matter) won't be able to properly address them individually.


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